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It was five years ago exactly that I was fortunate enough to last spend time in the beautiful country of Jamaica and that was ten years after my first ever trip there as a part of an independent study in college. It’s a place I hope to continue to visit throughout my lifetime as I find there is something quite special about it, above and beyond the allure and appeal of any tropical climate.

I’ve started a new gallery on my website that – for now – features a handful of images from this recent trip.  But as I develop the new version of my site further in the months ahead, I hope to also pull in some of the photos from earlier trips.  I’ll post an update when that happens!  See more of the below by visiting here.


It’s a new year and I’v got some big news!  My very talented husband, Andrew, and I are launching a brand new joint business in commercial photography and printing.  What’s the name?  Small Circle Studio.  Check us out and get connected to stay informed!

We’re very excited to start in on this new aspect of our partnership and hope you will help us spread the word!  Be amongst the first to have #FoundTheRound!

Photography by Jessamyn (and thus this very blog) will now return to a forum for just my fine art and personal work.  Here’s to hoping that this new blank space serves me up regular inspiration to get back to shooting more of the just-for-me-shots that started this whole journey in the first place.


Brand new work going up on the wall this week at the Council for Aging in the Community Center in Weston! This will be my first ever joint show with my husband, Andrew Martin, a photographer of far greater talent than I. It will be a combination of his exquisite landscapes and my macro close ups which I feel gives justice to the breathtaking array of wide open spaces and biodiversity that the South Island of New Zealand is overflowing with! Join us!