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There have been a string of opportunities in recent months to photograph the Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrations for a number of younger siblings in families for whom I also photographed the older siblings’ events and last weekend was the another such event for the second sister of a wonderful family I have grown quite fond of.  I cherish the clients that I am allowed to follow over the years, from portrait to portrait, or life milestone to life milestone, as they grow and change and morph from purely clients into folks who feel more like true friends!  Thank you to all that have given me this supremely privileged opportunity!  Truly, it means so much to me!


Here are a few from the celebration of another younger brother, who’s older sister’s bat mitzvah I photographed a few years back!  So grown up, both of them – it’s such an honor to be able to return to help out families again and again with their milestone events!  And what a wonderful, joyous celebration this was!  Beautiful temple.  Fantastic Kiddush lunch.  Memorable and heart-warming celebration!