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Monthly Archives: December 2014

It was a beautiful day and one of my favorite places to shoot, a private residence in Weston with a beautiful farm house and a gorgeous little pond.  As an engagement gift, the beautiful bride-to-be’s aunt gave them a portraiture session and I was honored to be chosen.  A great couple and a perfect afternoon yielded some memorable photos I hope they will enjoy for some time!  Wishing them all the very best for their upcoming big day and a long, happy and healthy future together as a married couple!


Here are a few from the celebration of another younger brother, who’s older sister’s bat mitzvah I photographed a few years back!  So grown up, both of them – it’s such an honor to be able to return to help out families again and again with their milestone events!  And what a wonderful, joyous celebration this was!  Beautiful temple.  Fantastic Kiddush lunch.  Memorable and heart-warming celebration!


I have recently had the supreme privilege of being asked to photograph the bar mitzvahs for the younger children from a selection of families that I photographed the bar mitzvahs of the older siblings previously.  One each month starting in November and running through February.  The first of which was a particular joy as it was a larger event and required two shooters, so I got to work with a colleague I admire / friend I enjoy!  The second event was much like the first and we had such a blast at both. Everyone there was having such a genuinely great time, it was impossible not to notice from behind the cameras!  A joy-filled event and a heart-warming evening to behold!  Here is a photo of the two brothers.  They are both so grown up, I can hardly believe it!