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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Another year of photographing and experiencing the Good Friday Vigil at The Congregational Church of Weston’s sanctuary has come and gone. A meaningful undertaking by the team who installs this meditation piece, year after year, aiming to allow those that attend – the close friends and family, in a way – to “stand vigil” to a dying Jesus and reflect on his life and it’s meaning within their own. There is no Easter attendance on this day in Holy Week at this church or many, I suspect. It truly does feel like the inner circle one would expect to be there if it was your own life that was slowly coming to an end. Quiet – but in the evening, not without sound. Peaceful music lightly strummed on a Baroqe-era instrument are the backdrop for you as you float through the maze of soft spaces pausing to read, reflect – take in the imagery and suggestive objects. It’s beautiful. Even if you don’t count Jesus as a close friend.


Lone Peak, aptly named, standing and looking out to all the remaining smaller peaks nearby from a lofty 11,172 feet was amongst the most beautiful of my memories from a recent family trip to do some Big Sky skiing in Montana. And what phenomenal late March skiing we had? Amazingly it snowed nearly every day and but the end we were enjoying a fresh 12 (+) inches of light fluffy powder! It was majestic. That’s the only word I can think of to describe the feeling of surfing through the perfectly spaced trees from the very top all the way to the near bottom. I’ll never forget the days I spent exploring this beautiful and special mountain space! I look forward to returning to Montana to explore this and other areas in other seasons as I suspect the beauty and majesty is overflowing in all directions. What an incredible place, I was nearly instantly in love.