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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Last weekend we took the trip to upstate New York to attend the wedding of a good friend.  It was a lovely event.  And the following day we stuck around to see the sights.  The obligatory trip to Niagara falls was breathtaking in it’s power and volume, but every bit of the tourist trap we were expecting.  We stopped at a few of the Finger Lake vineyards, with varied selections and some truly lovely.  Then just before we had to hit the road back to Boston, we stopped at the Climbing Bines Hop Farm, one of New York’s first-ever farm breweries, producing all their ingredients locally.  As a craft beer enthusiast by marriage, it was a sweet little find, nestled in amongst acre after acre of vineyards!  Read more about what they are doing with beer up in wine country here.  They have a rustic little brew pub for tastings, pints and growler fills.  This photo was taken right outside their pub – they’ve got quite the peaceful location!