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Monthly Archives: May 2013

It’s been nearly three years at this point, that I have found myself amazed by and entirely preoccupied with the GlacierWorks project.  Managing all the still photography and global exhibitions, I am more deeply inspired and more called to help spread the projects invitation to learn and explore with every passing day.  Seeking to inspire awareness about the Himalayan region and the changes occurring to the vast system of high-altitude glaciers found there, we hope you will join us in a brand new journey.  From the comforts of your own home, you can now experience the majesty of this region in a way previously not possible.  In the words of GlacierWorks founder and Executive Director, David Breashears, “you don’t need to be a mountaineer to be able to gaze at the Himalaya and just feel awestruck”.  So join us!  Explore and be inspired…  I have. And I am.