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It was five years ago exactly that I was fortunate enough to last spend time in the beautiful country of Jamaica and that was ten years after my first ever trip there as a part of an independent study in college. It’s a place I hope to continue to visit throughout my lifetime as I find there is something quite special about it, above and beyond the allure and appeal of any tropical climate.

I’ve started a new gallery on my website that – for now – features a handful of images from this recent trip.  But as I develop the new version of my site further in the months ahead, I hope to also pull in some of the photos from earlier trips.  I’ll post an update when that happens!  See more of the below by visiting here.


It’s a new year and I’v got some big news!  My very talented husband, Andrew, and I are launching a brand new joint business in commercial photography and printing.  What’s the name?  Small Circle Studio.  Check us out and get connected to stay informed!

We’re very excited to start in on this new aspect of our partnership and hope you will help us spread the word!  Be amongst the first to have #FoundTheRound!

Photography by Jessamyn (and thus this very blog) will now return to a forum for just my fine art and personal work.  Here’s to hoping that this new blank space serves me up regular inspiration to get back to shooting more of the just-for-me-shots that started this whole journey in the first place.


We loved our time in New Orleans so much last year that we decided to go back and what better excuse to splurge a little bit then a 35th birthday?  In honor of Andrew’s half way point between thirty and forty, squarely in the middle of his thirty-somethings, we toasted the occasion amongst friends on a long weekend in the Big Easy.  It was just what we needed!  A beautiful city, a beautiful people and a great place to eat, drink and be merry.  Also a great place to take photos!


New beautiful faces and voices on stage last night at Hibernian Hall for their full dress rehearsal of “Keepers of the Conch”!   Always a pleasure to behold this groups work, this show was a refreshing mix of story, song and emotion. Mixing hip hop, even, with a smorgasbord of other notable musical creativity.  I loved it!  Go out and catch a show – support local youth!  Shows are tonight and tomorrow at 8pm and Sunday at 3pm.  184 Dudley Street, Roxbury‎ MA.  If you can’t make it – make a gift to Mssng Lnks to show your support of this worthwhile initiative!


It was a real pleasure and an honor to be asked to come down to City Hall Plaza as part of the Boston Pride festivities this year to photograph a dear friend’s brother who is a very successful vocal artist going by the name of Nhojj.  He put on a fantastic show and entertained and bolstered a truly adoring audience.  I had previously only heard recorded tracks from him, so to see and hear him perform live was an utter delight!  He is a truly talented performer!

Boston Pride, City Hall Plaza, 2015

Boston Pride, City Hall Plaza, 2015

A few years later, to come back and see how big these boys have grown and how sweet and well-mannered they have remained was a true blessing to behold!  Few things in my position as photographer give me greater pleasure than to be invited back year after year to help carry on the visual document of the story of families as they grow!  Here is a shot of the youngest brother with his loyal friend, Stella, on the same front stoop where we stood to photograph just a few years ago!  And just below, you can see that even well-mannered boys will still be boys!



There have been a string of opportunities in recent months to photograph the Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrations for a number of younger siblings in families for whom I also photographed the older siblings’ events and last weekend was the another such event for the second sister of a wonderful family I have grown quite fond of.  I cherish the clients that I am allowed to follow over the years, from portrait to portrait, or life milestone to life milestone, as they grow and change and morph from purely clients into folks who feel more like true friends!  Thank you to all that have given me this supremely privileged opportunity!  Truly, it means so much to me!


A memorable day today when our whole area seemed trapped in their houses, shoveling out cars, driveways and sidewalks.  Andrew and I broke out for a hike around the neighborhood this afternoon and I got a chance to delight in the act of taking pictures simply for the fun of it AND the satisfaction of testing out a new lens I recently added to my line up.  Opening the door, this was the view – but right through it we went and out into over two feet of fresh snow.  The streets were abandoned, save a steady parade of plows and a handful of others much like us, a little too stir crazy and enamored by a good snow day to stay inside.


In  honor of Andrew’s most recent birthday last fall we took the bus to New York City for the weekend, to enjoy the sights and catch up with good friends.  It was my first time really spending much time on foot in the Big Apple – we covered a swatch of the High Line and walked the entire length of Times Square, both places I have never before been!  I loved the High Line and we got the most perfect early October day, and Times Square … well … it was an experience.  As one might expect.


We left Chicago and flew down to New Orleans.  Enjoying the dramatic shift in climate, we slipped right into a lifestyle of live music, delicious food and perfection in cocktail mixology!  It was a string of days that Andrew and I will never forget and we are both looking forward to another trip that way as soon as we can!  The music, in particular was simply extraordinary.  The history, incredibly rich and the food and drink – just dazzling.  And of course the people – beautiful and welcoming!